So, the Buyer and the Seller meet once more.
The purpose? To confirm the details of the details already confirmed! (because they are the ones contained in the Heads of Agreement).

Doubling up? maybe, but it’s this confirmed detail that feeds the contract so all parties must to be absolutely sure of what they are signing off.

Once agreed and signed, there’s nothing left to do but for the Buyer to hand over some money, a deposit. The time to dip the hand in their pocket and cough up some cash!

Trembles can start at this point…
And that’s where the broker comes into their own.

The smoothing out of the 2nd-last minute jitters is what’s needed. This is generally done by acknowledging the tremors together with keeping the pace ticking along nicely enough so that the desired result (for this meeting) is reached, taking all one step closer to their larger, respective goal.

Receiving notification of the deposit being deposited indicates that “game is on”… and what an exciting feeling it is too!


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