3 Businesses on the market, 3 Offers being contemplated…
gotta be happy with that!

But lets not get too excited just yet. There’s a lot to happen before any of them actually get over the line.

The art of Brokering (I continue to discover) is not so much about getting a buyer and a seller to talk to each other but the facilitation between humans to get a YES into a committed and concrete form.

No surprise really as buyers and sellers are humans, granted.

But, as much as business is touted as being transactional, the sale of a business is equally as personal. And it is the personal that comes to the fore when the deal is about to the made.

When a Business Owner is to hand over their “identity” to someone unknown, they had better be ready as last minute sabotages are not unheard of. This is where a well formulated “exit strategy” comes into its own.

Hopefully though, this won’t happen with these 3 offers…

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