If you want to find out more about any of these, please email me at sell@theentrepreneurialmother.com advising which one is of interest.
BS2 = Online Retailer
Much activity, with approx 10+ genuinely interested parties to date.
They’ve been meeting with the owners all week, with some now requesting seconds.
The momentum is building. What will the crescendo bring?
BS3 Waiting on the Seller
BS5 Waiting on the Seller
BS6 Waiting on the Seller
BS7 Online Fashion Retailer
This one is moving quickly…
Great price point as “Start-Up” replacement.
One meeting of substance this week, with another booked for next week.
BS8 Waiting on Seller
BS9 = Specialist Leadership and Talent Management Provider
Looking to a 2013-14 kick off
Getting all ducks in a row in the meantime.

BS10 = Specialist Offline Retailer
Had first chat this week.
1st meeting booked with us next week.

BS11 = Hairdresser
Email received this afternoon, via bookkeeper.
First chat booked for next week.
BS12 Leading Niche Training Provider
A couple of interested parties already
If you’re in the game, this is a good business to consider
The “Sellability Score” reports continue to dribble out each and every week.
Calls to make as a result.
Onwards and Upwards!

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