Had a 5:30 meeting today between a seller and a potential buyer. Thought this will be OK, out by 6:30 max, no problem.
7:30, still standing in the street with potential buyer, attempting to ask more questions…


Got to thinking, why this was so?

Was the Information Memorandum not detailed enough?
Was the potential buyer not prepared enough?
Neither of these are the case. In fact, there was probably too much detail and prep!

What it is… a potential buyer, who as an experienced buyer at that, is looking to buy into a market he does not understand.
Actually, let me be more specific. It is not the whole business he does not understand, it was only part of the business, ie the Online component.  He knows its a market he should be playing in but knows enough about it to b e dangerous!
I envisage a whole lot more questions to come yet…

Business Owners, soon-to-be past or present,  you must have a handle on Online and how it impacts your business.
If you have not started this journey already, please do so now…

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