Lots of activity yet again!

BS2 = much interest generated for this Online Retailer 
Meetings #1 and #2 set up with the owners went well, with the potential buyers have gone away to think about it. Meetings #3, #4 and #5 are scheduled for next week.
BS5 = potential seller very interested
Proposal developed and offered for consideration
BS7 = a number of inquiries came in next week
Meeting #1 set up for next week
BS8 = potential seller very interested

Proposal discussed but on hold for 4 weeks.
Had signed with someone else but isn’t happy with them so seeing out
BS9 = first meeting with potential seller set for Feb 18
BS10 = first inquiry about a new one for the market
Plus 2 new Sellability Score reports completed with meetings set for next week
and development of process around the incoming “Sellability Score” inquiries and generated reports and how to best serve them once the report is done…
It’s all happening!
Onwards and upwards…

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