Since its inception, digital has been perceived as being the most measurable media. But most of that measurement has been meaningless. It’s time digital marketers stopped talking about clicks and impressions and instead focused on what’s important to marketers — business results. This is pretty easy if you have an e-commerce site and can track direct online sales. But what do you do if you’re part of the 94 percent of retail commerce that occurs offline?

We all know that consumers’ purchase decisions are greatly influenced by digital. They might be trying to decide where to go to dinner on their smartphone, on the web looking up reviews for a car they are considering purchasing, or surfing the web on their tablet after seeing your TV commercial.

Can’t track that impact? Sure you can.
You just need to look at things a little differently.

And the things are:

  1. Overall Site Traffic Trends
  2. Branded Search Volume
  3. Conversions
  4. Converter Traffic
  5. Referrer data

Togo more in depth on these terms, and read the full article, go here “The 5 metrics that really matter”.


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