I know I am!
Especially when there appears to be no substance behind the claims.

No doubt, rolled up in amongst the stuff are nuggets of truth, and even a little real life experience. But across the board, most are guilty of well-intentioned theory at best. As for execution based on actual practice, seems to be sadly lacking.

Succession Planning is a case in point. By virtue of the use of the word “planning”, it is theory based – it has to be. What you need to be really mindful of is:

o       Is it actually a plan that can be executed?

o       Is it a plan you really want to execute, if push came to shove?

Planning has it’s role, but it is certainly not the be all and end all.

The proof in the pudding will always be when the DOing takes place.
And when you need the DOing to take place, do yourself a favour and instead find 7 Facts in this, and 5 Facts in that….

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