How the Role of a Business Broker is of value…

The role of a Business Broker is one of great value, provided you find the right one who understands your business. A Business Broker’s absolute value however comes from being one of the very few who gains understanding of not only the Seller and the Buyer, but also their role in relation to the Market.

Many a professional, such as a Chartered Accountant, comes to the assistance of the Buyer or the Seller in their care when Exit is on the agenda. However rarely can they provide a fully-rounded view of all that needs to be considered, as they cannot be all things to everyone.

As for the question, where can one find a good Broker?

In order to find a competent broker one should take the recommendations of the professionals like your lawyers, Chartered accountants, or investment bankers. It is highly recommended to ask for large number of references from the brokers so that their authenticity of the person is highlighted and his dependability is assured, as pointed out in this article.

Pick your (personal) Exit Strategy….

Reading this “Pick your Exit Strategy” article in the Weekend Australian on Sunday had me reflecting on how much input I want to have in my own personal Exit Strategy…

How planned do I want to be?
How much easier do I want to make it for my nearest and dearest?
Is it actually making it easier, if I plan what I want and how?
Is it really about shielding others, or being in control for one last time?
Who knows?

I’m definitely a big one for Estate Planning, as I think that is only fair given I am the solo parent. But how far does that go? How far should it go?

Haven’t decided yet…..

How to Make Your Business Franchise-Friendly…

Picture this… you’ve been running your home-based business for 16 years when you decide in 2007 that it could be a successful model for other entrepreneur mothers to follow.

After extensive planning and roughly $65,000 in consulting and legal fees, you sell your first franchise that year.

Within three months, it had failed. 
Now what???

This is the basis of one entrepreneurial mothers true story. To read what happened, and how she turned it around, click here. Enjoy!

How to Make Change Stick: Kill the Company!

“A decade into the 21st century, one thing has become clear: change is the new normal. In business, we call it innovation, and it’s a strategic pillar in nearly every organization. Thanks to a growing body of research and thought leadership in recent years, we’re learning a great deal about the individual skill sets behind innovation, and the organizational strategies that create disruptive growth. Yet in companies around the world, well-intentioned innovation initiatives crash and burn, despite a wealth of great ideas, copious research, and well-designed strategies.

Why? Innovation is not just about data analysis, plans and processes, and thinking outside the box. More than anything else, innovation is about change. And the truth is that as much as we’d all like to think otherwise, we are all hardwired to resist it.”

And how does that impact on the business decisions you make…
By Lisa Bodell for

Struggle is the human condition; Hope is the human spirit…

“Just about everyone you come across today is going through some kind of struggle in their lives. Most people bear such a heavy burden, quietly and alone, so focused on making sure it looks like they have everything under control that they forget they don’t have to have it all under control, and they certainly don’t have to walk their road alone. That there is hope and help, if they would only look for it.

You’re probably going through a struggle right now, even as you read this.”

By Nate St. Pierre for

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