How often have you asked about the success (or not!) of your Advisor in respect to what they’re advising you on?
 A gem from my MDE colleague, Medine Simmons. Whilst she is talking about her proven speciality of Property Investing, the same applies to Exit Strategy and all things Starting with the End in Mind…
When I ask for advice there is an assumption or expectation that my advisor knows what they are doing.If I go to the doctor I expect they have the qualifications and experience to advise me on my health. And if they don’t they will refer me to a specialist. It is common place to ask “Have you dealt with this before? Should I see a specialist?”If I talk to someone about an investment I expect the same – that they will have the necessary qualifications and experience.
So why don’t we ask “What is your net worth and what have you invested in?” before we take their advice?
Is it too embarrassing?

I have just read this month’s property investment magazines and there was an article on choosing your advisor.
They suggested to ask questions about their qualifications, their reports and what products they suggest.
But they never suggest to ask whether your advisor has been successful in what they are advising??
We all know that in investing you learn a lot by doing, and particularly in property investing, doing it over the long haul.

It seems everyone is quoted as an expert and they have extremely wide often opposing views.
I think asking the embarrassing question “what is your net worth and how did you make that money” is an essential question.
We shouldn’t be afraid to ask it! And definitely one worth asking when you next consider taking someone’s advice.

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