In Between Opportunities? How About 89 Things to DO While You Wait!

For those of you ‘between opportunities’, Cindy Tonkin (the Consultants Consultant) has written an ebook, “ Stay Cheerful: 89 things to do between consulting assignments”. 

It’s 10,492 words in 62 pages and includes many creative ideas to bring in business, develop your systems, and keep you cheerful

It is free to download until 5th June.

The Face-to-Face Manifesto: Back to the Future…

“It is undeniable that Facebook, the king of the social media hill, has accumulated a huge number of users who spend growing amounts of time on the site. Its growth and ability to attract a loyal and highly networked audience is to be admired.

For brands, however, it is far from the Holy Grail of marketing.

Facebook and other online social networks represent merely one channel out of many that marketers can tap to spark a powerful word of mouth wave. And when looked at in the context of the ‘total social’ opportunity, it is but one very small part of the overall picture and needs to be seen as such. And true to Naisbitt’s ‘high tech, high touch’ megatrend, the fact is that online social networking is no substitute for the power and impact of face-to-face communications.

Real world conversations—most of which take place face-to-face—are still the dominant mode of communication, and they are the most trusted and persuasive.”

By Ed Keller and Brad Fay for

The Shattering: How We Get From Where We Are to What and Who We Need to Be—A Non-Illustrated Guide to Becoming Honest…

“The Shattering is the moment where everything familiar slips away. Our protective facades of familiarity spontaneously combust and we shun faith, deny comfort. We’re left voiceless regardless of our need to scream. We tread water in an ocean filled with every brilliant memory of what was only moments ago. Life has a cruel way of serving up The Shatterings, too. Nary a Google or Outlook Calendar would deign to accept the meeting and we’re left simply wondering

What. The F#!k. Happened?

Over the past seventeen months, I’ve become a student of that question. In the process, I’ve gone through even more Shatterings. And I’ve come to one invaluable realization: I’ve been asking the wrong question.

I shouldn’t concern myself with what happened. I should be asking, ‘What’s happening?’

By Erika Napoletano for

Unleashing the Creative Reservoir: The Rise of the Creative Class, Revisited…

 “If the economic crisis has taught us anything, it’s that putting our faith in the market alone will not work. New institutions are needed to harness powerful new economic forces, to address worsening class divides, and to make society and the economy work for all of us. We desperately need to institute and ratify a new social compact, entailing everything from investment in our human capital, the only real capital we have, to a new approach to education and learning. We need to recommit our economy to innovation, our society to openness and diversity, and we need to knit a new safety net for the truly disadvantaged. We need a complete break with the old Fordist order. It’s time to forge a new society that reflects the demands, challenges, and opportunities of the Creative Age.”

By Richard Florida for

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