Hello fellow entrepreneurial mothers

Recently I had the pleasure of attending Dale Beaumont‘s fabulous free seminar called “New Rules of Business“…

Dale, as you may know, is not only an award-winning entrepreneur and 16 times best-selling author, but he is the one who invited me to be part of one of the 16 books, namely “Secrets of Inspiring Women Exposed”.

Having learnt so much from him going through that experience, and because I had such a great time and learnt so many more wonderful things at the seminar, I wanted to share it with you. To find out more and discover exactly what it can do for you, click on the link below now: http://www.NewRulesOfBusiness.com.au/Attend

I really think it will make a big difference to how you Build your Mother of a Business, so if you like what you see register online. Then once you attended let me know so we can share notes.

Warm Regards ME!

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