hear! hear!

The world is not short of ideas. It’s not. It is short of people who can execute on them. [This is where we need buyers of business to step up.] It is short of people who know how to take their aspirations and make a real impact on the world with them.

What differentiates the great ideas that end up on the cutting room floor from those that wind up changing the world? There are five steps, or rather five competencies you can build that separate the haves from the have-nots, the doers from the talkers … They are not a mantra for meditation, they are not positive affirmations that you chant to yourself in the mirror, they are actions.

By Peter Sheahan for ChangeThis.com

And…the same applies to the buying and selling of businesses.
We see many business buyers get stuck because they just cannot pull the trigger, they cannot get over their fear enough to back themselves.
Same with the business sellers, sometimes, they just cannot get over the fact that the business will be able to be run by someone else.
Nothing will happen, of course, unless they do. Execution is King!

Are you included in this mob?

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