CLEARED HOT! for Breakthrough Mentality…

You HAVE permission to Engage! Notice, the emphasis is on the word ‘have.’ That’s because you already possess your own permission to engage. I’m not giving it to you. In fact, I can’t. You’ve always had it; you just have to release it. It’s up to YOU to make the decision to engage.

Once you have given yourself permission, you are Cleared Hot to create realities from possibilities beyond your expectations.

What does Cleared Hot mean? Well, in military terms, it means you have permission to fire your weapons on your target. During training that means you’re shooting at wooden tanks or old worn out tires. In real combat, you’re firing on the enemy. An enemy that in my case was trying to shoot my attack helicopter out of the sky.

In civilian life, Cleared Hot is the process of acting on a Breakthrough Mentality (BTM).

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#exitstrategy: If EXITing your Business is the Plan, What Will Make Yours Stand Out?

As The Infinite Group’s Anne Marie Nayna points out in this article…there are a significant and atypically large number of business owners, born between 1945 and 1955, who are in the process of preparing to sell their business. Business Analysts across the globe, report that the largest transfer of business wealth and assets in history is in the process of occurring. With the average age of a business owner in Australia at 58 years, this will only gain further momentum over the next 5 – 10 years.

If you’re one of these business owners, have you considered who your buyer maybe?  Are you are planning a trade sale, a management buy-out/buy-in?  What other means are available in order to unlock your business’ accumulated worth?  Will the entire consideration be paid on day one or are you prepared to defer a portion in order to achieve a higher price?  What are the tax implications of this sale?

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Arianna Huffington; an entrepreneurial mother in her PrimeTime…

The co-founder of the Huffington Post marks its arrival in the UK with a lecture on love, guilt and getting what you want. She talks to Celia Walden.

Fresh off the plane from LA, the Greek American author, businesswoman and co-founder of internet newspaper the Huffington Post – bought by internet provider AOL for $US315 million ($298 million) in February this year and launched in Britain last week… read the full story & more

#buildbusiness: Change In a Leader Can Change the World…

Our world is in trouble. We need leaders who lead for the benefit of others.

I believe we need to systematically transform the leadership culture from a dominating system to a liberating system. I believe it starts one leader at a time. Each leader must play a part in this transformation by thinking differently about the way they lead if we are to ever see true ‘Change in the World’.

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Divorce and your business: six scenarios for after the split…

Many businesses are founded and run by a husband and wife team.
What happens to the business if they divorce?

The ‘clean break’ principle

The Family Court’s position is that whenever possible, there should be a clean break between ex-spouses. This means a property settlement, with the combined asset pool being broken into two chunks. When the assets include a business, the property split can take place in a number of ways

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