As announced in the latest aCE talentNET Professional Edge;

Well, the time has come to bid a fond farewell to all friends and colleagues of aCE.

From this day forward, Denise Hall (ie me!) will no longer be part of the aCE inner sanctum! After 15 years approx, it is time to move on and expand my horizons. Be safe in the knowledge though that Deirdre Gruiters is not going anywhere and aCE is operating business as usual. The only real difference is that I will no longer be behind the scenes.

It has been a pleasure and an honour being part of your working life over this time. Whether you’re new to the community, you’ve been there from the start or something in between, your contribution to the quality of aCE at large is in direct proportion to who you are and what you do. For that I thank you for helping us build aCE into what it is today.

A big thank you also to Karen, Rebecca and Chris, and to all the many aCE associates I have had the pleasure of working with.

A very big and special thank you goes to Deirdre Gruiters, through which much of what we’ve been able to achieve is attributable.

I invite you to stay “connected” through the various social media networks, just click on the one that tickles your fancy!

Buying and selling businesses is my new area of interest, so bear that in mind should it be what you want to do with your business, in time.

Good luck with your future endeavours

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