If you want to learn how to prune an apple tree you could take out a book from the library, sign up for a course at your local college or spend a few minutes on YouTube watching how it is done. The first two learning methods – reading and instruction – have been with us for millennia; YouTube is new. There has been some use of video in learning, but it was expensive and hard to access. YouTube is universal.

Most of the “how to” videos on YouTube are aimed at people’s personal life; topics range from how to make a baked Alaska to how to apply mascara to how to check the transmission fluid in your car. But the range of topics is truly mindboggling and includes management topics like negotiation skills, giving feedback, and business writing.

YouTube is free and fast; easy to use and easy to share. It’s available at your desk or on your smart phone. If employees can meet their training needs using YouTube, why do we need anything else?
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Something to definitely pay attention to…
by David Creelman for HumanResourcesMagazine.com

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