Two in five employers in Australia fail to use succession planning strategies, an industry survey has revealed, reports HRLeader.

The 2011 XpertHR survey looked into succession planning practices throughout Australia, with almost half of respondents stating that they had not undertaken such strategies to help aid internal recruitment processes.

While 23 per cent of organisations use a formal process to implement succession planning, a further third of respondents said that they used an ‘informal’ approach, with the remaining participants completely refraining from implementing processes.

Questioning almost 150 employers, the survey found that the main reasons behind the failure to use succession planning were:

  • it was not a business priority;
  • their organisation lacked the resources or HR expertise needed to run the process;
  • staff turnover was low and
  • the size or nature of the workforce made it irrelevant.

That wouldn’t be you by any chance now would it?

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