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Behind many major events, there is often a working mother making things happen. In the case of the upcoming royal wedding that woman is Carole Middleton, Kate Middleton’s entrepreneurial mum.

The elder Middleton was a stay at home mom when she launched Party Pieces in 1987 in the UK. Kate was 5 at the time and Carole landed on the idea for the business when she was unable to find affordable party bag presents for her children’s parties. The business grew to the point where her husband Michael quit his job as a flight dispatcher to help run it.

Now of course Carole is in the news for her royal connections, but that doesn’t mean her achievements as a working mother are any less admirable. The business now boasts 30 employees and visits to the company website surged 163% when William and Kate announced their engagement.

Read more about Carole Middleton in a recent Newsweek article.

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