Whilst I have a personal problem with the lameness of the term “mumpreneur”, it is nonetheless one that is being used to describe various forms of entrepreneurial mothers. However in this case, if a win comes from it, then that has to be a good thing, right?…

Seventy per cent of Australian women have thought more about pursuing a business idea since becoming a mother, according to Australian mothers surveyed in the Huggies MumInspired Report.

Currently women make up 33% of small business owners and the number is steadily climbing, which is fuelled by the growth of women starting their own business after having children, otherwise known as ‘mumpreneurs’.

The report highlights several barriers preventing mums from turning their ideas into a reality. The most significant barriers are; limited access to finance (62%), increased living expenses (54%) and a fear of failure (40%).

In response to the report, Huggies Australia announced the launch of the MumInspired Grant Program, which will award a total of $110,000 (five mums each to receive $20,000) to help mothers act upon their child-related business idea. In addition there will also be a People’s Choice Award, which will enable the public to vote for their favourite MumInspired grant recipient to receive an additional $10,000.

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