Four Reasons Any Action Is Better than None…

It’s well-known that busy people get the most done. Their secret is simple: They never stop moving… writes Rosabeth Moss Kanter for Bloomberg Businessweek.

Of course, sitting still can be a good thing if it involves renewal, reflection, and focused attention (or having meals with the family). But sitting still can be a bad thing if it involves procrastination, indecision, and passivity…

Small wins matter. Small wins pave the way for bigger wins. A nudge in the right direction, as Cass Sunstein and the new behavioral economists tell us, can lead to major tipping points (per Malcolm Gladwell) when you achieve critical mass. As I saw in my study of business turnarounds and sports teams, confidence — the expectation of a positive outcome that motivates high levels of effort — is built on one win at a time. Read on

Not a truer word spoken! 🙂 Actions speak Louder than Words.
What more can I say but DO something, anything, get moving…

The Latest Business Book Reviews from Keen Thinker…

Top of the Pile:
Keen Thinker gets a lot of books to review and preview. There are piles of books on each of the desks and on tables throughout the office. These are the books that rise to the top; their picks for the don’t-miss books of the month.

  • Brainsteering: A Better Approach to Breakthrough Ideas
    by Kevin P Coyne, Shawn T Coyne
  • Nuts and Bolts of Sales Management: How to Build a High Velocity Sales Organization
    by John Treace
  • The Responsible Business: Reimagining Sustainability and Success
    by Carol Sanford
  • The Power Formula for Linkedin Success: Kick-Start Your Business, Brand, and Job Search
    by Wayne Breitbarth
  • Briefcase Essentials: Discover Your 12 Natural Talents for Achieving Success in a Male-Dominated Workplace
    By Susan T Spencer

Click here to read all about them, how to order them, and so much more…

How To Tell Someone They’re Wrong (And Make Them Feel Good About It)


There are plenty of reasons not to tell someone they’re wrong. It’s uncomfortable, for one thing. You also might come off as rigid, unsympathetic, arrogant, or worst of all, politically incorrect.

In some cases, depending on how much alcohol is involved, you might even get smacked in the mouth.

Here’s what all the touchy-feely folks out there don’t get about constructive criticism: It’s invaluable. The important thing is how you deliver it.

Everyone makes honest mistakes. What most people don’t realize is that embedded in criticism–constructively conveyed–is the wish to help someone get better at what they’re doing.

Any fool can deliver a meaningless “good job.” Being a constructive critic takes thought, effort and compassion. Here are eight tips for getting your good intentions across… read on

Trends in Business Networking…

When Dr Ivan Misner, Founder and Chairman of BNI, the world’s largest business networking organisation, wrote his first book on business networking in the late 1980s, there were virtually no books or materials on the subject.

When he did media interviews, the most common question was: “Isn’t networking just a fad?” After 25 years, he doesn’t get asked that question anymore. This is a field of study that is coming into its own.

When he did my research for his first book, he could find almost nothing in the library on the topic. Today,  type the words “business networking” into Google and got 150 million hits! Times are changing and so is networking.

Read about his three “trends” in business networking, as reported in,  that he foresees over the next several years. They relate to

  • integration,
  • education
  • association

Carole Middleton: The Entrepreneurial Mum Who Raised A Princess

With thanks to…

Behind many major events, there is often a working mother making things happen. In the case of the upcoming royal wedding that woman is Carole Middleton, Kate Middleton’s entrepreneurial mum.

The elder Middleton was a stay at home mom when she launched Party Pieces in 1987 in the UK. Kate was 5 at the time and Carole landed on the idea for the business when she was unable to find affordable party bag presents for her children’s parties. The business grew to the point where her husband Michael quit his job as a flight dispatcher to help run it.

Now of course Carole is in the news for her royal connections, but that doesn’t mean her achievements as a working mother are any less admirable. The business now boasts 30 employees and visits to the company website surged 163% when William and Kate announced their engagement.

Read more about Carole Middleton in a recent Newsweek article.

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