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If you haven’t seen the Geoffrey Rush/Colin Firth movie The King’s Speech yet, then I recommend you go and see it and be aware that this article will disclose its characters and plots.

The King’s Speech has some great lessons for us in how to sell as well as consult and advise senior level clients.

This true story revolves around two key characters, King George VI and Lionel Logue, an unorthodox Australian Speech Therapist.

The King reluctantly ascends the throne after his brother runs away with Mrs. Simpson (you remember the story or were you staring at that cute girl/boy in class when this piece of history was being taught).

The King has an awful stammer which is not a great presentation technique when you’re about to galvanise the nation with your words to face the onslaught of World War 2.

After feeble and failed attempts by so called ‘experts’ to remedy the King’s stammer, he is dragged by his wife (the late Queen Mother) to see the odd Antipodean, Lionel Logue.

Does any of this sound familiar so far? Companies that have tried in vain to solve important problems despite numerous attempts with four or five suppliers, suddenly arrive at your office. Now what do you do? read on…

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