Disciplined Dreaming: How to Build Your Creativity Mojo

By Josh Linkner for ChangeThis.com

I developed the Disciplined Dreaming system to give creativity its own place and practice, to provide everyone in the organization a structure for developing their own creative ideas, and to bring creativity back to the heart of business—where it belongs.

Disciplined Dreaming isn’t a stifling, rigid “innovation process”, but an open system. It provides a strong and flexible framework that frees individuals and organizations to improvise and explore—and, in the process, develop their creative chops. The ideas, processes, and practices of Disciplined Dreaming will help you build your chops by expanding your creative capacity and targeting your creative energy… read on

Activating the Entrepreneur Within…

By Jeffrey Weber for ChangeThis.com

Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus, an economist who is known as the ‘banker to the poor’ by making small loans in impoverished countries stated, ‘I did something that challenged the banking world. Conventional banks look for the rich; we look for the absolutely poor. All people are entrepreneurs, but many don’t have the opportunity to find that out.’ An entrepreneur in his own right as founder of the Grameen Bank, Yunus developed the concept of microcredit as a method to help fund entrepreneurs who would not qualify for any other type of loan. He believed in creating economic development from the lowest tier of society and saw that the entrepreneurial dream was defined to no man; it was a gift to all.

So you, dear reader, want to know if you are an entrepreneur. It would be so easy to draw your blood and see the entrepreneurial DNA floating about and qualitatively state, “Yes, he is an entrepreneur!” But what good would this do? There still would be so much lacking outside the control of simple DNA to activate the entrepreneur within youread on

$100K of Free Branding Advice, in Just Three Words…

Here’s a simple formula for successful branding, employed by the best brands in the world…according to Ken Carbone for fastcodesign.com

There is a moment during every branding presentation I give when I offer something enormously valuable–for free. I tell clients to write down what is essentially the formula for successful branding employed by the best brands in the world. With their undivided attention and pens in hand, I summarize this formula for them in three words: Unify. Simplify. Amplify.

Entrepreneur Families Produce Entrepreneurs…

As reported by Ken Phillips (Exec. Dir.) and the team at Independent Contractors of Australia

Daddy, where do entrepreneurs come from? Well son (Daughter), a daddy entrepreneur and a mummy entrepreneur who love each other very much…” Um! John Findley’s submission to the review of Business Immigration in Australia makes an interesting point in a light-hearted way.

John says (more seriously): “…compared to wage earner families, entrepreneur families produce significantly more entrepreneurs.” That is, countries that bring in entrepreneurs though migration create more entrepreneurs. John says that the current Australian migration rules encourage this and shouldn’t be changed. John has supplied us his submission:

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