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Invention is a hedge against anonymity; make something that matters and you can live forever.

… Inventions have always had many parents. “Doubt is the father of invention,” said Galileo. Necessity is its mother, said Plato. Or, in the luxurious modern age, sloth, which gave us the electric toothbrush, the universal remote and the drive-through liquor store. These days, the operative motivation may be frugality, which leads to the discovery that balled-up newspaper deodorizes shoes, baby oil cleans chrome and sticking a marshmallow or an orange peel in a bag of brown sugar keeps it from hardening into a sweet dark rock. Or sustainability, which propels university students and volunteers to develop an incubator out of recycled car parts, engineers to embed battery rechargers in roadbeds and designers to fashion a fake fur coat out of plastic garment fasteners… keep reading

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