Look Around the Corner, not just ahead…

By Robert H. Bloom for ChangeThis.com

Today, looking ahead is useless. Prior to this moment in our world, ‘looking ahead’ was the time-tested protocol, perhaps essential and potentially valuable when the world told time in seconds, not nanoseconds. Today, it is almost useless, because when you ‘look ahead,’ you will see and learn little or nothing… read on

InsideOut Development: Do What You Already Know

By Alan Fine for ChangeThis.com

If knowledge really were all it took to be a high performer, then all any of us would have to do would be to read that book or take that class and we’d all be winning championships. We’d all be incredible managers, great teachers, phenomenal parents and performance.

But we’re not. Why? Because the biggest obstacle in performance isn’t not knowing what to do; it’s not doing what we already know… read on

How to Build a Mother of a Business – 7 tips for doing Business in 4 hours or less…

the entrepreneurial mother featured in a double-page spread in the September issue of Dale Beaumont’s “Business Blueprint” magazine (p16-17). It’s one of those very clever looking digital magazines, so be sure to check it out.

Here’s the link

Survival of the Simplest: The Micro-Script Rules

By Bill Schley for ChangeThis.com

I have found out how to simplify the confused and mucked-up world of communications so that your message can penetrate the maelstrom of modern media, whether you are a global corporation, a local politician, a college lecturer, a sales rep or a start-up. I have a magic bullet that will sharpen whatever story you have to tell so that it gets to the heart of the matter, cuts through mental barriers and lodges easily in the mind. As an advisor to companies, politicians and institutions of higher learning, I’ve been thinking about this problem for about twenty years, and have been figuring out the solution for the last two. I don’t know how to de-complicate my cable bill, or untangle the knots in the U.S. Congress, but I do know about this. This is my small part to play in the crusade.

So here’s your answer…read on

ICA reports Small Business Policy and Program failure…

ICA Overview:

Professor Ken O’Neill is one of the world’s pre-eminent authorities on small and medium policies. In a keynote address to the International Small Business Congress, Professor O’Neill has declared that government policies and programmes for SMEs globally over the last 25 years have produced no results and are a complete waste of money. He called for urgent review and reform. Below is an edited profile of Professor O’Neill and an edited version of his speech.

This talk will suggest that much of what we variously (and imprecisely) describe as enterprise entrepreneurship and small business policy probably doesn’t work—with great waste of money as a result.

We say it doesn’t work because overall rates of entrepreneurship or business growth are not rising or, where they are, it is difficult to attribute them to specific policy interventions of the sort which are universally applied… read on

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