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From the desk of the Head Corporate Talent Agent, Deirdre Gruiters…

It’s probably boring to start my meanderings with yet another “well what a busy month it’s been” but alas when the cap fits….?!!! But the interesting fact is that the work that has and is keeping aCE talentNET busy over the past 6 months is quite different to the past. Yes, we continue to support our clients with one off needs for consulting and facilitation resources and deliver on our important long term contracts, but we are also being asked to assist in a more strategic way by working more closely with HR and L&D senior executive. These conversations include being part of Panel arrangements where we are working with Government Departments to source the best-fit HR and Learning resources to deliver on key initiatives as well as working with large Corporates to source a pre-approved stable of consulting resources to be ready to go at very short notice to resource priority Business Unit programs.

This later approach in particular allows a client to avoid the delays often experienced when selecting, recruiting and onboarding for contract resources. The upside means that a pre-approved pool of consultants is able to become familiar with the organisation culture, processes, procedures, policies and are able to hit the ground running when appointed to a project role. The client also avoids the time consuming advertising and selection process and the risk that goes with appointing an unknown and untested consultant. The downside is…. well I’m yet to find one! If these strategies are of interest to you and or your clients you know where to find us!

An observation based on the web poll question from last month… more than 50% of you said that last year’s turnover did not show a significant increase. To ensure this financial years turnover is a lot healthier I strongly recommend you avail of all that is offered in the AdvantEdge, in particular the Referral Program. Only today, we’ve received another from one of our consultants, and assuming all works out as planned, it will be very beneficial for all parties.

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Hazel Hawke’s Vital Role in Bob Hawke’s Success…

I was really pleased to see this article in TheAge this morning. Not only does it give another side to the “love story”, it also shows Hazel to be a prime example of an entrepreneurial mother, even when in a relationship. She did amazing things with the opportunities she had, and that’s all one can DO. Hats off to Hazel…

…It did not take long for Hazel to develop a following of her own – which in subsequent elections became a major reason voters supported Hawke. Hazel’s speech to the National Press Gallery in January 1984 established her as an unassuming, disarmingly honest, sincere and intelligent human being – an ordinary woman, one we could all identify with and admire for the way she handled herself.

There was a strong feeling among women that if Hazel stayed with Bob, he couldn’t be as bad as reports suggested.

In an interview on Sunday following the telemovie, Hawke struggled to remember what Hazel’s interests were as the prime minister’s wife. He came up with ”education”, but he could not remember any details.

Children, their welfare and the arts were Hazel’s priorities. Among other organisations, the Brotherhood of St Laurence, Austcare, the Australian Youth Orchestra, the NSW Heritage Council, World Wide Fund for Nature and the Australian Children’s Television Foundation had Hazel’s support. This meant she worked for them; she was not just a figurehead… keep reading


…another gem by Ben Tiggelaar for

What does it take to go from Dream to Dare and, eventually, Do? What are the secrets of real and lasting change?

You know exactly how it feels: you are frustrated, angry and unhappy. It’s time to make that change. It’s time to improve your relationships, start your own business, get that promotion, lose that weight, get those abs tuned, stop smoking, see your friends more often, start saving for your kids education, start applying for a different job… etc,etc.

Good luck! You will need it, because the odds are against you.

Of all people who consciously start personal change, more than 80% will have returned to their old habits within two years. No wonder the world is filled with cynical people, that are still in the same job they have hated for over 10 years, still smoke 2 packs of cigarettes everyday and still spend too little time with their kids.

It’s time for change… keep reading!

Innovation Insanity is Upon Us!

another must read from the team at
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We all agree that innovation is the only way to survive in an ever more global, competitive business arena. We’re talking basically anything that will get consumers spending, and preferably the kind of spending that involves sustainable goods, services and experiences.

And since everyone from Seth Godin to the Harvard Business Review is providing you with excellent, inspiring insights and theory on innovation as a mindset, a process, a way of life, we’d like to contribute to the conversation with examples of actual B2C innovations. Tons of ’em.

As we see it:

INNOVATION INSANITY | There will never be a shortage of smart new ventures, brands, goods and services that deliver on consumers’ wants and needs. In fact, with the entire world now engaged in creative destruction, INNOVATION INSANITY is upon us. So yes, the dozens of innovations we’ve rounded up for this briefing, courtesy of our sister-site Springwise, are just the tip of the iceberg. Invent, improve, copy… or perish.

The link between INNOVATION INSANITY and consumer trends? As focused as we are on emerging consumer trends, we never tire of pointing out that trends are only good for one thing: inspiring you to innovate, to come up with new goods, services and experiences for (or even better, with) your customers… keep reading

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As I mentioned previously, it’s Chris Howard’s latest event called The Wealth Propulsion Intensive coming up in a capital city near you (Friday night, Saturday and Sunday).

From what I read on the website, this event is all about learning how to use the same thought processes and strategies of the super rich to create wealth in your own Life. That can’t be bad!

Check out the 2 questionnaires on that web page – thought provoking!

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Denise Hall

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