A most interesting article in TheAge this morning by Jacinta Tynan, (even if it is called “Rebecca Gibney and other mums on juggling work after baby“) discussing the whys and wherefores of working mothers and part-time jobs etc, and the new Australian legislation that came in earlier this year.

Apart from the fact that I don’t get the whole juggling thing! I know, call me crazy, but what’s with the juggle?…the key line in the article for me is the following…

…Part of the problem, Broderick says, is that most Australians have a deeply held cultural belief that a good mother is someone who is always with her children. “When you bring that belief into the workplace, it’s no wonder we are where we are.”… read on

I’m not sure I agree with this… do you?

I for one know that I am a much better mother because of what I do outside our 2-person family unit. And have always espoused this very viewpoint, so am I one of the only one’s?
I really do hope not.

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