Which is why I’m going… come and join me!
And you know what, it won’t cost you a cost, just your time…

It’s Chris Howard’s new event called The Wealth Propulsion Intensive coming up in a capital city near you (Fri night, Saturday and Sunday).

The event has just been announced, and it looks so interesting to me so I thought I’d not only go myself, but also share it with you. Having been to a number of Chris However events before, I thought I’d go and check out his new one; just in case it’s something that the entrepreneurial mothers need to know more about too.

From what I read on the website, this event is all about learning how to use the same thought processes and strategies of the super rich to create wealth in your own Life. That can’t be bad!

Check out the 2 questionnaires on that web page – thought provoking!

And even better, Tickets are F*ree!
Click here for all the details you will need. Come and introduce yourself.


Here’s an offer for you…
and one which I can personally support; because I’m the offer!

Organise to get 20 or more of your closest “mates” in a room, and I will come and speak for 90 minutes. It’s as simple as that! (Australia only at this stage I’m afraid, although other destinations will be considered; just email my invitation to info@theentrepreneurialmother.com)

Confirm 20 or more people, whether it’s in the school hall, the church hall, the barn, the classroom, the lunch room or your lounge room; and I will be there!

In One Short and Powerful Evening You’ll Discover the Most Important Secrets I Use to Build a Mother of a Business…


Be part of the entrepreneurial mother(TM)ship…
Could you use a desk for a day/week, away from the hustle and bustle of home?

What about when you’re coming to Melbourne, and need somewhere to base for the day? And at the same time, have access to like-minded business people to energise what you’re doing?

Then look no further, you are invited to join the entrepreneurial mother(TM) hub, based in Camberwell VIC. Interested? email info@theentrepreneurialmother.com for further details.


World domination!… and what’s wrong with that!
See you soon…

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