I bring to you attention this great little entry on the CurrentMom blog titled “The Three Myths about Entrepreneurs”. “From a Mother who knows” is my reference to the author, Katherine Lewis, an entrepreneurial mother we can all learn from…

Essentially, the 3 myths are:
* Entrepreneurs Are Swashbuckling Risk Takers
* Entrepreneurs Need Lots of Funding
* Entrepreneurs Succeed Overnight
I strongly encourage you to read the entire article

I certainly concur with these being myths also.
From my point of view, I believe everyday living is risky. Having a job is risky. Having more control over my own day is far less risky than waiting for the pay check, in the hope that it does come on a regular basis. Any “project” that’s considered is done so through a ROI and risk management filter. Nothing is done blindly, unless of course I have to go with the flow, and when I just wing it!

Certainly when I started the entrepreneurial mother™ (and aCE talentNET for that matter), I had no start up capital either. What I did have was the support of those around me, and a dogged determination to DO stuff. The rest falls into place, one way or other.

Overnight success? HA!
That is so true. Many overnight successes, once the surface is scratched, have been in the game a long time. The overnight success part is more about the rest of the world catching on (especially if media driven) when the offering hits their collective radar, and not a whole lot more than that really…

That’s my experience at least…that has been your experience?

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