This is a great little piece from Deborah Gough for The Age

GIULIA Baggio’s mad mornings are a familiar tale of hustling children from bed, dropping them to kinder and school, hurried goodbyes, then a race to work through rat runs to avoid traffic, only to be funneled, bumper-to-bumper, onto the main routes into the city.

When she sits down to a plate of cereal at her desk to ”start” her day at 9.30 am it is almost a relief…

…People who considered themselves time poor were 6 per cent less satisfied with life than those who did not define themselves that way, the research found.

Of those who said they were unhappy, 46 per cent said ”time” was a factor and problems with public transport’s cost (34 per cent), regularity (43) and availability (44) were also factors…


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