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Congratulations to those of you that have successfully completed Feb Fast… and for those of you a bit more like me (i.e. totally committed to abstaining from alcohol and bad food during the week but with waning resolve during the weekend) well done for giving it a go!!! Fortunately it was a short month, made even shorter by promising pipeline activity. It seems that my predictions made at the beginning of the year are indeed holding true, with much evidence of a general upturn in recruitment activity for HR and L&D teams. Whilst a lot of activity is in Sydney, in my experience there is only a short time lag before the same activity hits the Melbourne…. so be ready!

There is also increasing evidence that more budget is being directed to leadership development. So with this in mind, it is timely to direct you to a recent article headed ‘Dirty Words’ by Jay Cross in the Chief Learning Magazine. Needless to say the article title caught my eye. But so too did it’s content. It is always a good heads up to us professionals to be reminded about how our lingo and jargon can be construed by weary executive teams. Jay considers that typical words and phrases used ad nauseum can have a negative impact on those very people we need to support these important initiatives. Read this article to find out why we should stay away from using such words as learning, learner, social learning, knowledge management, informal learning, ROI and more. You may not entirely agree but the overall sentiment of the article is indeed food for thought.

All the best for March-Madness!

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