hi there
I really want you to come to this, with me,
I know you will get so much out of it….

Every once in a while, as you know, you just need to spend on your OWN development. As a result I have signed up for the Cash Machine workshop, putting my hand in my wallet, and I can’t wait. Fortunately for you, I can also invite guests to come along; but only two.

The beauty is that my invitees get, not only, access to the same as what I do, but I’ve already done all the research in finding a fabulous mentor! Plus, we will be able to hold each others hand, and keep each other focused throughout the workshop, and beyond.
How good is that?….

Why have I chosen Loral over the many others that I have been introduced to previously?
a. she’s an entrepreneurial mother, who takes all the mother stuff into account because that’s also her frame of reference
b. she has built a multi-million dollar business on her own terms
c. she’s wants to take as many of our children on the same educational journey, via us
d. she lives life out loud… gotta love that!

So… do you want to join me?
What do you say?

Now’s the time to get more serious about making the cash that you want…

I’ve got your ticket ready and waiting, you just need to say YES by emailing me before Friday the 13th (very lucky for some!) and I’ll arrange it…

here’s what you’ll get:
a. Entry to The Cash Machine Workshop that runs from the 27th to 29th November in Melbourne.
b. The Wealth Foundation Pack . This will be sent to you when confirmation of the purchase has been made.
c. A bonus DVD called Your Fast Path To Cash.

FYI – I’ve just been through the Wealth Foundation Pack and have already made changes to my financials that will result in me making the money back that I’ve spent on my ticket price of $2995 already (discounted from $3875), plus a whole lot more; not bad hey!

you know you want too…
cheers denise


Loral Langemeier is a New York Times best-selling author, a regular contributor on the Dr Phil Show as the ‘ Money Makeover Expert ‘ and was a featured teacher in the hit TV movie ‘The Secret’ . Loral has helped thousands of people reach their financial goals and over 600 people become millionaires with her 3 to 5 year wealth-building plan. This incredible accomplishment has earned her the title ‘The Millionaire Maker’.

Loral is one of today’s most dynamic and pioneering financial strategists and has spurred thousands around the world from dazed apathy and fear of finance to getting on the path of millionaire status by giving them the simple tools to launch innovative businesses that generate cash and build wealth.

No matter what your financial situation is, Loral can help you use your current skills, and transform it into cash. That is her specialty.

To get all the details and a free audio download from Loral, visit

On the program Loral will cover:

* A Step-by-step wealth technology (i.e. a methodical, sensible way to make money)
* The importance of team and strategies of how to build one.
* Your skill set and why you should match it to a Cash Machine (business).
* How to create a revenue model.
* Marketing and sales strategies to help launch your Cash Machine successfully!
* Why it’s imperative to start building wealth before you focus on debt and saving.
* How to capitalise on the current market and other tactics to help you generate NEW money!

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