This is well worth reading, from yesterdays The Age

BRW Young Rich and BRW Fast 100 entrepreneurs don’t always follow the textbooks when it comes to maintaining rapid growth.

Tony Featherstone has a special interest in these lists having conceived and launched the BRW Young Rich and expanded the BRW Fast 100 into a much bigger report during my BRW editorship earlier this decade.

If anything, his interest in these lists has grown now that he lectures part time in entrepreneurship at university. He gets to see if entrepreneurship theory matches the practice.

In many cases it does, but Australia’s best emerging entrepreneurs also do some things differently from the textbooks. Here are seven key divergences he sees where the theory is different to the practice – click here to read the detail and to add your views on any others:
1. Exit strategies
2. Strategy
3. Systems
4. Venture capital
5. Innovation
6. Serial entrepreneurship
7. Niche markets
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As entrepreneurial mothers, we know only too well that what is said or reported about combining the whole motherhood and business thing, and what actually happens/has to happen, are quite different. Not necessarily in a bad way, but certainly different.
Do you agree?

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