TEMplate – How Can I Help You…

Start Your Business?
Grow Your Business?
Sell Your Business?

I know these are often burning issues when combining motherhood and business. What I want to know is how I can best serve you around these key topics? I certainly have my own ideas on how I might do that e.g. to create the entrepreneurial mother™ “hub” (via the internet); to develop more checklists etc etc; but are they what will help you?

I go into some detail in the latest TEMplate, click here, and much of that has been based on your feedback to date; and now I want to know much more…

I look forward to hearing from you.
Cheers Denise

Transparency Triumph

another beauty from trendwatching.com

Think ‘transparency’ is an established, maturing theme? You ain’t seen nothing yet. Sure, we’ve been harping on forever about the many ways consumers can research, compare and review their way to a more powerful position, but every month brings us smart new examples of consumers and brands intent on making opinions, quality standards and prices even more transparent.

So, it’s time for a fresh look at the latest and greatest in the transparency arena*, where savvy consumers (as well as on-trend brands) can score triumph after triumph. We’ll look at how reviews are set for even more spectacular growth, how price comparison is getting much more sophisticated, and how the inner-workings of companies will be exposed in pragmatic new ways. We then end this briefing with a countertrend, OPENLY OPAQUE, that raises the bar even higher.

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Catching Up is the New Looking Ahead

how good is this?… instead of the TrendWatching.com team ambushing us with yet another Big New Trend this month, they decided to make life easier for all of us, and send an overview of the trends (PDFs included) covered so far in 2009.

So here’s another chance to get ready for a no doubt turbulent remainder of 2009. View all trends here

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