To Sell or Not to Sell Your Business, or even how to…

entrepreneurial mothers, lend me your ears!
Well kind of!

I can now announce that I can almost officially sell your business on your behalf. This week I spent completing an “Agents Representative” Course at the REIV. Once I get my assessments in, and receive my certficate, not only will I be able to buy and sell real estate, I can now do the same for businesses…perfect!

Why is that perfect?
Because I know that many of you have been more than capable of starting and building a nice little business, or not so little, whichever the case may be. Usually though, we have built the business to satisfy a certain need that we deemed couldn’t be rectified any other way, whether that be around personal circumstances or the product on offer. Then, in time, that need is no longer there and we are left with the question… what to do with the business?

Many of us will just fold it up, not realising what an asset we have built and/or that there will be others that will find value in it too We’ve just not planned for it, or even know what to do in the first place…well now we do.

I can now take you through, from woe to go, not only how to structure your business but also how to do that so it is ready to sell when you are. On top of that, I will also assist you with the sale, officially. How good is that? I am very excited as this will be the start of many great things to come for many of you, and I can’t wait to get you all started…

Details to follow shortly.

Change Your Thinking > To Change Your Results!

by Tony Jeary for

“Business as usual is unrealistic in our current economic climate. Leaders must accept the fact that success is likely to become a moving target and their organizations must become faster, leaner and better equipped to compete and change quickly.

To embrace speed as a strategic asset requires higher levels of clarity about the real needs and goals of the organization. Clarity means that the value and purpose of every effort must be evaluated and put to the test.”

Click here to read the full article…
it’s well worth it.

Design YOUR Business workshop…mentoring session #1

Yesterday saw the almost conclusion of Mentoring Session #1. 10 hours of mentoring is included as part of the program. So over last week and this week, I’ve managed to sit down with all but two of the businesses noted in 5th June post, and got to understand where their business is at, and where they in turn are also.

A diverse lot, at all stages of development, ranging from the new concern starting out to the well established local icon owner turning over what many of them would be aspiring too.

Its very energising having these conversations. The beauty is that I can see how they can grow each of these businesses in leaps and bounds, but they have to decide that its what they want to do. That’s the key. Growing a business will often take you away from doing the stuff you may really enjoy doing ie the hands-on reason you started the business in the first place.

However it doesn’t always have to be that way. As long as we create additional cash flow to cover the costs of outsourcing, then it is all doable. And that you’re prepared to do the initial additional hard work to be ready to hand over. You can grow and have your hands-on fix as well. The proof will be in the pudding as we journey through the remaining 8 hours of mentoring…

Stay tuned for the next exciting episode…

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