I read Alain de Botton’s latest gem whilst swanning around Spain, on “adventures with daughter”. I really enjoyed it. I do like the way he writes; and I do like what he says, and how he says it. I am a fan of his offerings I must admit.

I’d like to see him extend that to the Pleasures and Sorrows of being Entrepreneurial…I’m sure there would be many a good tale to be told and many great questions to ask.

I am particularly encouraged to see that he, and noted others, are putting their money where their philosophy is, and have set up The School of Life. Oh to be involved in something like that here in Australia…

Lynn Barber from The Age got to interview him whilst we were away. I’ve included it here, “The Way Words Work” for your viewing pleasure.

Been back nearly a week now…my, where has that time gone?
Slowly but surely getting back into the routine and rhythm of what is our daily life. Can’t wait for the next adventure though. But until then, daughter has basketball training this evening!

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