Leon Gettler asks…

What do you do after the sack? With the way the economy is travelling, chances are that most will not return to full time employment. And when the recovery finally comes, the work force and career path will be different.

The key bit for me here is the highlighted line, most will not return to full time employment. Bet that knocks are few dreams about, given that designing a life without a full time job had not really featured.

The sad thing about this article is that its quoting US sources…where are the Australian sources, like me? What you need is someone who has been there, done that, especially in your own part of the world.

And even more importantly, when you are wanting to combine parenting and swapping your time for money.

Having spent the last 12 years doing just that; I know it’s more about designing the life you want, and then knowing how to go about making it a reality.

Yes, there is a formula to follow. The one which I developed for me, works for me. I do use techniques from all walks of life, including corporate management skills. No doubt you will know what works for you, but you will need a place to start.

For example, do you actually know how much time in a day/week you can devote to working to make money? Do you know what you need to earn per hour to cover your family costs? Yell out if I can be of assistance.

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