In this recent edition of the TP Times, Tom Peters and his team are taking on the intensely topical subject of performance measures and the impact they have on peoples’ behavior. “What gets measured gets done” as Tom himself has argued on any number of occasions, so the judgement about what to measure is all-important. You only have to look at some of the questionable decisions that have been taken in financial institutions over the past 10 years to see that judgement gets clouded when you get the targets wrong!

Here’s a number of points of view on the vexing question of how measures drive performance, and how getting that right leads to the kind of performance we want from our people … or not!

Also perusing for Tom’s commentary on the subject of performance turns up these blog entries:
The rarest of gifts: THANK YOU!

And, a more recent one, in which the debate centers on whether markets need regulation to control excessive behavior. Very stormy! “Musings

All links are well worth the time to read on, albeit they don’t take long, especially if you are going to use the forthcoming “quiet time” to review your current performance measures… even if they are your own personal performance measures!

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