As so rightly pointed out by Justin Herald today…
It has to have a PULSE!
to read his great little article, click here

What is the standard answer a person now gives when asked how they are?… you guessed it, “very busy”
What does that mean exactly?
Too many of us appear to be very busy, but doing what I ask you?
How many activities that you currently do are fillers or leftovers from a past life? They keep you busy, yes, but do they actually get you anywhere?

I bet if you did an activity audit; a mind map on all the stuff you do and then analysed how much of it is useful, or could/should be outsourced, you could be amazed at how “unbusy” you could become…

as Justin rightly puts it, it has got to have a pulse!

if you think you need help working this out, go to,
download the “guide to making Life! work” and go to the chapter on “Cleaning House” and the mind map “Things to Get Rid Of”…
go through that process and you will most certainly work out your pulse reading!

have fun…

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