How can you:
* Bring you more freedom and fulfilment in your consulting life?
* Create new revenue streams and increase your income?

Initially, by being part of the aCE talentNET Global Consultant Study…

For this inaugural annual study, we are inviting all consultants to share how aCE talentNET can continually work on new products and services to help you and your consultancy, that will not only:
* Bring you more freedom and fulfilment in your consulting life
* Create new revenue streams and increase your income
and also:
* Make you a recognized expert (or even celebrity) in your field
* Make growth, marketing and lead generation easy (and even fun)
* Build a large community of loyal fans around your brand

aCE talentNET plan to launch a number of new products and services throughout 2009.
BUT FIRST, we need your input. This will help us continue to develop products and services that will best serve your needs.

There are two reasons why you should take this survey.
1) To have your voice heard and ensure you get what you want from aCE talentNET
2) To save yourself the time and energy of having to do much of what you currently do solo.

We greatly appreciate your feedback. It will directly impact the creation of valuable new products/services for you. It is after all ultimately about increasing your bottomline, and how we can assist you in doing that.

Click here to commence…

It will take 10-15 minutes max. to complete.
The study will be available for completion until 30 November 2008.

If you, and/or colleagues, are not yet part of the aCE talentNET community, we invite you to do so by registering as a consultant via the web site.


Denise Hall
aCE talent NET | Executive Director – Business BT&D MIMC
& the entrepreneurial mother

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