this weeks “Dale Beaumonts Weekly Success Tip” is a rather important one…

As all of you parents will know, children are a great blessing but also a great responsibility. Every parent worries about what their kids learn and how they will turn out when they grow up…

…So a while ago Dale Beaumont decided he wanted to teach teenagers
practical life skills that they didn’t learn in schools.

The ‘Empower U’ program that he runs is great for all teenagers and
young adults, no matter where you’re from. I’d love for you and
your children to take advantage of the course.

The dates of our next 2 ½ Day “Empower U” program are Friday 28th, Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th September 2007 (the start of the school holidays) and it is going to be held in Sydney.

To save the emails coming in, when it comes to Australia, Sydney is the only place where we currently run this program.

The reason is my co-presenter Brent Williams does a seminar in Singapore every third weekend, and with Dale producing 11 books in the Secrets Exposed series this year, you can probably guess that time is a wee bit of a challenge.

That said, every program run they have young people fly-in from all different states to attend the 2 ½ Day “Empower U” program and they take special care of our interstate guests. Just call the Tomorrows Youth office on 1300 732 782 and the details can be arranged.

Some young people come to Sydney by themselves and they arrange pick up from the airport and transfers from the hotel to the venue. Or in other cases the whole family comes to Sydney for the weekend, with the teenager(s) attend the program, while mum and dad enjoy a weekend of peace and relaxation!

On a seriously note, running this program is one of the greatest joys of Dale’s life, because he knows that it truly changes lives! They have received literally thousands of letters and emails from teenagers, so they absolutely know this to be true.

So please, if you have young person (between the ages of 12 and 22) in your immediate or extended family, then please go now to our Tomorrows Youth website and I strongly urge you to register and most importantly attend.

As some marathons runners I know say… 90% of the effort is just turning up!! So do turn up and use your power for good… no seriously!

I would love any feedback so please share…

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