Role: Keynote Speaker
Date: Wednesday 16 April 2008
Time: 7.30am
Location: RACV Club – Level 2, 501 Bourke St Melbourne

12 months ago, I was approached by a trusted colleague about speaking at the Deakin Uni Alumni breakfast. The idea of these sessions is to provide grads with on-going support, information, direction, inspiration, networking opportunities etc.

They were after someone who is an entrepreneur because many of the people who attend these sessions want to know how to develop their careers in interesting and creative ways.

So I was asked to just keep yourself entrepreneurial and vibrant old girl (as if I could be any other way!) ‘cos I would be getting a call on a professional matter some time early 2008!! and that I did.

I offered the following possible topics:

  • The consulting game… What that means exactly and what you really need to know!
  • making Life! Work… How to be a parent, run a business, have overseas adventures and make Life! Work
  • Once upon a time there was me!… My life story, if that was of interest

making Life! work was chosen as the one, and just last week, I presented at the Deakin Alumni breakfast Melbourne, to rave reviews… and I will be doing so again for the Geelong campus in June. How very exciting!

If you want to know about this or about me speaking at your breakfast, then please just drop me an email at

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