AS the Australian economy tilts towards recession next year, it may be instructive for generation Y to see how they are viewed.

Over the last month, Bernard Salt has run two workshops designed to elicit intergenerational views in the workplace. In both instances, he asked participants more or less the same question: describe the attributes of the perfect employee or manager.

The question as to the perfect employee was put to a group of 40 generation X middle-level managers mostly aged 30-45.

He wanted to create a truly mythical beast: the perfect Gen Y employee. What would such a person look like? How would they behave?

The suggestions came thick and fast… read on

This is well worth a read, and one which surprised me a little.
Although when you think about it, this generation are not going anything that previous ones have not either; mainly around maturity and really appreciating and understanding how humans operate work places, and how you work your role within such places…

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