I was most fortunate enough to sit in La Premiere last night, and watch the movie “Australia”… and I have to tell you I loved it!

It is so Baz Luhrmann and Catherine Martin (one hell of an inspiring woman in her own right)… thank goodness. Given world events of the few last days, thankfully there are people around who can see the wonder and awe that the world has to offer (even if through rosier coloured glasses) and they are prepared to add their little bit to it for all to observe.

Was it perfect? certainly not.
Could holes be picked in it? absolutely.
But do I care?… not at all.
I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and went on the ride that is an engaging and visually beautiful piece of production and direction.

I must also say that Hugh Jackman was not hard to look at for nearly 3 hours either! ooohhh la la

And if you’re wondering where the inspirational women are in this, then they are easy to find. The obvious one is Nicole Kidman’s character Lady Sarah Ashley, being a feisty and spirited woman who takes it all on, and wins (as you do with a plot such as this!)… but there are the other inspirational stories sprinkled in amongst the characters as well… Daisy (Nullahs mum), Bandy(?) (Nullahs grandmother) and Kath Fletcher to name but a few.

And as Baz points out on more than one occasion… “everyone has a story”

I will be going to see it again, and will take my 10 year old with me this time. I’m sure she will love the bigness of the film as much as I; and after all, “The Wizard of Oz” is still one of our favourite things!

Treat yourself to 3 hours of getting lost in a rollicking old tale.
a big thank you to all involved…

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