Care of the Barefoot Investor; Scott Pape…I had to share this with you as he is making a lot of sense…

November 15, 2008
WITH world leaders running around spending billions – no, make that trillions – of dollars of our money in an effort to avert a global financial meltdown, it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking your little stash of cash pales in comparison.

Rubbish. I know from personal experience that as little as a thousand bucks can change your life.

Coming up with a grand shouldn’t be too much of a stretch, especially if you’ve read and implemented a few suggestions from last week’s column. And if you didn’t, readers on my Herald Sun blog this week have added dozens more tight-ass tips.

Then again, if all else fails, the PM is playing Santa Claus this year so look for your cheque under the tree.

Let’s look at half a dozen ways where money can buy happiness.

* Pay off your debts
* Get some Mojo
* Best investment this year
* Start a web-based business
* Loose change legacy
* Change someone’s life

So, there you have six things that can change your life (or someone else’s). Don’t buy into all the doom and gloom. It’s in dark financial days like these that fortunes are made starting with as little as a thousand bucks.

Tread your own path!

Read on to get the full detail. The detail he extrapolates the six points with is really worth the continued reading.

In terms of starting a web-based business, I am going through that very process right now, so stay tuned for updates as I go along… the continued path of my “4 Hour Work Week” journey.

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