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these questions are good…
Mine was a “solid performance” accordingly to the result scores at the bottom of the questions. And if you don’t score any higher than that? then you have some serious work to do!
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HOW money-smart are you? Well, this week ANZ released the results from its annual Financial Literacy Survey, which tracks how knowledgeable Australians are about their finances.

The results were not unlike a troubled teenager’s school report: “Much improved. Could do better. Would help if the student did some homework once in a while.”

Even if you slept through economics at school, you now have the chance to do a free refresher course. In the next 18 months we’ll all be going through a (real world) economics exam – get it wrong and the ramifications will be much worse than a scolding from your mum.

So to help you prepare I’ve put together a quick quiz that tests your financial knowledge.
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