Last week I had the pleasure of co-speaking at the “Figures Fitness for Women” Fund-raising Dinner and Auction Night in Geelong. Not only was the fund-raising very successful for the Geelong Hospital, it was a chance to “launch” the evolving concept of the “ME Inc” workshops to an audience, the majority of whom were very interested in taking the first steps in “DESIGNing your Life! around what you want”. The feedback was most positive, with many receiving the best-selling “Secrets of Inspiring Women Exposed” to assist them in taking their first steps on their way.

“Me Inc” is now the official title of the workshops which will enable, and give permission to entrepreneurial mothers (and fathers!) to take the time out to spend on that business idea, or that plan around combining all that you want and do into DESIGNing your Life! and making it work.

I will let you know when the ME Inc workshop is hitting your part of town, with plans at this stage for the first to commence in Geelong mid-late January 2009. If you think you’d be interested and/or have a group that would benefit from having its own ME Inc workshop, then please reply to this email advising same and we can look at how to do just that.

So… how are you going with the “The Entrepreneurial Mothers Guide to Making Life! Work”? … the ME Inc workshop will be just the thing your need if you’re feeling stuck….

The workshop will be 5 hours (to fit in with school hours), LIVE and interactive to work on “ME Inc” i.e. YOU… you will spend the time, that you never grant yourself, on strategies and tools that you can apply right away.

as always, all suggestions readily accepted
be in touch again soon…

cheers denise

P.S. If you have friends or family or colleagues that you believe would also be interested in this … simply hit the “Forward” button in your email program, send this email and encourage them to contact us!

P.P.S. and/or I would also encourage you to encourage them to “subscribe” at so that they too can begin their own path of making Life! work and of course, a beautiful relationship with the entrepreneurial mother community.

And for becoming part of the entrepreneurial mother community, they will also receive a soft copy of not only the Denise Hall “Free Agent” chapter from the ” Secrets of Inspiring Women Exposed ” FREE but also access to the story of how Dale Beaumont created the entire Secrets Exposed series, and how successfully it has worked… all they have to do is reply to this email… it couldn’t be simpler

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