Work+Life “Fit,” Not Balance

Caution: Four-Day Workweek is AN Answer, Not THE Answer|
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Everyday there’s another story extolling the virtues of the four-day workweek, or four, ten-hour days, as the answer to our energy problems. In fact, last week CNN devoted an entire segment to the Utah state government’s mandatory four-day workweek which began August 4th. Before the four-day workweek gains more steam as the answer, I want to urge caution. It is an answer, but not the answer.

The distinction is subtle but very important.

The typical problems with one-size-fits-all, four-day workweeks are already starting to crop up (see USA Today and CNN), specifically:
1) Some work probably does have to happen on Fridays
2) It’s very hard for people with dependent care responsibilities
3) It’s very hard for people who have a long commute particularly those who use public transportation.
4) The hours don’t always match when people work best which impacts productivity.
5) Finally, it’s probably not going to have that much of an impact on overall “carbon footprint.”

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I do have to agree with Cali I must say…
Certainly from my experience, it’s not just about a prescribed four-day workweek scenario, but rather the emphasis needs to shift to a “designed” workweek, where all parties are looked after in the arrangement.

And yes, it is doable. I can cite many a working arrangement, where the focus is on “outcomes focussed” results, as opposed to the traditional “hours worked” focus. There is many an entreprenurial mother for example who is designing her life around what needs to work for her and her family… as it should be.

Where does your working life fit in?
What changes would you like to make?

TEMplate – to DESIGN your life and make Life! work

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Read that article yet?
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Lets face it, many of us have been “empowered”… but now what?
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Send in the Clowns

by Peter Williams for

Historically small business has had no chance of competing with large corporations in the marketing area.

The costs of using traditional advertising channels, such as TV and print were high and small businesses couldn’t afford to employ the marketing people to do the non-advertising marketing such as PR and promotion.

The emergence of the web in the 90’s provided small business the opportunity to get global reach but again the cost of technology solutions and lack of IT people meant that many small businesses established websites that cost a great deal and had little impact.

From the earlier part of this decade things have really changed…

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Rural and Regional…& Inspiring Women

I have just spent the last 2 days at Sheepvention in Hamilton, Victoria, 300+ kms from Melbourne.
Why? I was assisting a buddy of mine who does the event management for such field day events on behalf of the ANZ Bank, and what a job she does… and what an inspiring woman she is. Whilst she would not like me touting how good she is, I’m going to do it anyway!…

Here is a woman who is not only the chief bread winner in her house, she has also had to deal with both personal and family related health issues as well, and does so with such a dignity and grace that it is all quite humbling really. Just another of these unsung heroes that have their own stories, but who would know…

One of my aims, through the entrepreneurial mother, would be to start collecting these stories, and cataloguing them for prosperity… apart from family members, who else will be able to appreciate and respect the strength, resilience and love that their stories involve.
Go girls!

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