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The Australian Federal Government announced a new range of grants and funding initiatives in May as part of the 2008 budget to improve innovation and technology development.

The new programs focus on the environment and climate change, with the greatest emphasis on carbon and decreasing emissions through a new ‘clean business strategy’.

However, the new grants do not replace the Commercial Ready program, which was discontinued this year.

This currently leaves a large gap in grant funding for many Australian companies and creates doubts on how to progress with grant and concession funding.

So what is left for the small to medium enterprise market?

There are still many grants available, but deciphering the new changes and when these programs will be released can take some time to research and understand… read on…

I wonder how many of these Blue Collar Billionaires started off with grants, or at the very least borrowed from someone, to take the next step…
what are you prepared to do to realise your life design?

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