The Australian — Page: 12 : 14 May 2008
Original article by Morris Kaplan

LexisNexis Summary
As at early May 2008, there is growing sentiment that gender does make a difference when it comes to business and investment. Despite recent claims by TV personality, Sam Newman, that women have served little purpose at board level in the Australian Football League, there is evidence to suggest that women generally tend to be better investors than men. A study by Terry Odean and Brad M Barber, of the University of California, found that women’s portfolios gained 1.4 per cent more than men’s, with single women gaining 2.3 per cent greater returns than single men. It has been suggested that women are generally less risk-tolerant and have more “long-term horizons”. Women also generally tend to ask more questions and check themselves against their peers.

No surprise here… however there’s no mention of STDs as well though (sexually transmitted debt!!), and we still know of women making these mistakes don’t we?

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