Mothers Day 2 for 1 Special…TEMplate – your guide to making Life! work

It’s only fair that all Inspiring Women (yes, that means you!) and all entrepreneurial mothers are recognised and celebrated, and if we can use the Mothers Day agenda to do so… then well and good!

so… please accept this fine offer…

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Why are you doing this you may be asking?…
As I always say, be bold and opportunistic… so, based on questions I was asked in terms of offering additional assistance in making Life! work , I am now in the process of constructing a workshop which will enable, and give permission to, entrepreneurial mothers to take the time out to spend on that business idea, or that plan around combining all that you do into making Life! work. The response has been most positive, with the first of the workshops in the middle of planning at the moment.

So… my question to you is… how are you going with the “The Entrepreneurial Mothers Guide to Making Life! Work”?… this workshop will be just the thing your need if you’re feeling stuck…. I will be keep you up to date as to where and when these will be running. If you think you might have a group that would benefit from having your own workshop, then just reply to this with an email requesting same.

Email and tell me what you would want to see in that workshop?

all suggestions readily accepted

be in touch again soon…

cheers denise

P.S. The workshop will be a 5 hour (to fit in with school hours) LIVE “Entrepreneurial Mother – making Life! work ” time out where you will spend the time that you never grant yourself on strategies and tools that you can apply right away.

PPS If you have friends or family or fellow entrepreneurial mothers are interested in this, you will need to act fast.

Australia’s most important small business event

The 2008 Virgin Blue National Small Business Summit, organised by the Council of Small Business of Australia (COSBOA), will again bring together leading business figures and senior parliamentarians
to discuss and review the significant challenges and opportunities facing Australia’s dynamic small business sector.

In this important full-day Summit, delegates will gain new insights about major changes which are impacting on small and medium-sized businesses.

Leading business and political identities will outline the impact of the changes to the trade practices act, tax reform and regulatory reforms, the transformation of business being driven by e-commerce innovations, the convergence of telecommunications and the Internet, franchising and retailing trends and opportunities, marketing trends and developments and gain important information about the economic and business outlook for small business.

To find out more, click here…

Gender bender: in money matters it seems the fairer sex is savvier

The Australian — Page: 12 : 14 May 2008
Original article by Morris Kaplan

LexisNexis Summary
As at early May 2008, there is growing sentiment that gender does make a difference when it comes to business and investment. Despite recent claims by TV personality, Sam Newman, that women have served little purpose at board level in the Australian Football League, there is evidence to suggest that women generally tend to be better investors than men. A study by Terry Odean and Brad M Barber, of the University of California, found that women’s portfolios gained 1.4 per cent more than men’s, with single women gaining 2.3 per cent greater returns than single men. It has been suggested that women are generally less risk-tolerant and have more “long-term horizons”. Women also generally tend to ask more questions and check themselves against their peers.

No surprise here… however there’s no mention of STDs as well though (sexually transmitted debt!!), and we still know of women making these mistakes don’t we?

ATO wins PSI (income splitting) test case

*Update* 12 May 2008

The ATO has provided an important commentary on a recent legal test case covering independent contractors using discretionary trusts and companies. Click here for more information.

[Originally posted 14 January 2008]: In a major win for the ATO, the Federal Court has supported the ATO when it stopped two independent contractors from splitting their incomes under PSI rules. What are the tax implications for independent contractors? For ICA summary and comment, click here.

What To Look For In A Business Partner

by Melanie Lindner for

Most business duos aren’t as destined and dynamic and as Google’s Larry and Sergey or even ice cream’s Ben and Jerry. [And then there’s really good ones like aCE talentNET’s Denise and Deirdre]. That’s because finding a teammate you can work with and count on week in and week out is no mean feat–even if everybody is getting rich.

Having a lot in common may feel right, but when it comes to business partnerships, cloning doesn’t work. That’s because partners with the same backgrounds and expertise may not bring anything new to the equation.

Rather than look to fill that spot in your weekly foursome, look to fill other, mission-critical gaps. If you are an engineer or nits-and-grits operations type, find someone who can sell ice to an Eskimo (or at least work a balance sheet).

to read on, click here

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