It’s only fair that all Inspiring Women (yes, that means you!) and all entrepreneurial mothers are recognised and celebrated, and if we can use the Mothers Day agenda to do so… then well and good!

so… please accept this fine offer …
my Chapter “Free Agent” from the “Secrets of Inspiring Women Exposed” by the entrepreneurial mother (me!) FREE – all you have to do is click here

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Do you want one more?…. Ok, here it is…
feel free to send this email to your friends, family and colleagues, they can also do what you can do… so and invite them avail of this gift offer. I would also encourage you to encourage them to “subscribe” at so that they too can begin a beautiful relationship!!

and… my question to you is… how are you going with the “The Entrepreneurial Mothers Guide to Making Life! Work?” (you can access this guide by subscribing to TEMplate)… would a workshop help? my guess is YES!

This workshop will be just the thing your need if you’re feeling stuck…. I will be keep you up to date as to where and when these will be running.

This has come about as a result of my keynote speaking at the International Womens Day luncheon. So if you think you might have a group that would benefit from having your own workshop, then just reply to this with an email requesting same.

Tell me what you would want to see in that workshop?
Please comment below and tell me… I would really like to hear from you.

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